House Blacksmithing


Thanks for visiting the website, my name is Ben House.

I have been a Blacksmith for more than fifteen years now, I began forging and grinding small blades when I was 14 or 15, now I'm past my middle 30's. I specialize in blades, but I can also make anything out of metal. My home has many hand forged shelf brackets, plant hooks, hangers, and pot hooks.

I've always said if you can draw the shape of an item you want forged I can make it. If you've got an idea you'd like to run past me, go right ahead and email me. Or call. Estimates are free, and I enjoy challenges.

423-260-5984 or

My Personal Work Knife, Dunlap Tennessee

Antler Handled Belt Knives, Chattanooga Tennessee

Hoe and Sickle, Sequatchie County Tennessee

Handforged Garden Tools, East Tennessee

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